Tips for successful co-parenting after divorce in Colorado

While co-parenting poses a unique set of challenges for divorced parents, there are steps divorcees can take to make the arrangement successful.

For many recently divorced parents in Colorado, leaning how to co-parent poses a significant challenge. While sharing child custody may be difficult at first, there are steps parents can take to make the new arrangement easier on themselves and their children.

Develop a practical schedule

Parents should remember that they can still have a quality relationship with their children even if they do not spend a significant amount of time with them. Many parents believe that they need to split the time they have with their children 50/50 with their former spouse, but this may not make sense practically. Parents should analyze logistical factors as well as the needs of their individual children when developing a time-sharing schedule.

Be flexible

While parents should set up and stick to a stable schedule, they should remember that as their children get older, circumstances will change. After the divorce, parents should re-evaluate their co-parenting schedule on at least a yearly basis to determine if adjustments need to be made.

Communicate openly

Parents who want to effectively co-parent with their former spouse should remember that open communication is key. Parents should use whatever channel of communication is most convenient, whether that be text messages, phone calls or face-to-face meetings, to address concerns and remain up-to-date on their children.

If possible, parents may also want to schedule regular co-parenting meetings. Parents should also be open to letting a third-party mediator attend these meetings if conflicts cannot be resolved efficiently or effectively.

Support the other parent

Divorcees should respect that their children need to have and maintain relationships with both parents. As such, parents should do what they can to optimize the time they have with their children and the time the other parent has with their children.

Parents can accomplish this by being accommodating of the other parent's needs when possible and trying to move from a place of antagonism to cooperation by separating their hostilities from their role as a co-parent. Parents should also refrain from speaking negatively of or criticizing their former spouse in front of their children.

Seek guidance from an attorney

After deciding to get divorced, parents in Colorado may not know where to start when it comes to co-parenting or when it comes to developing a custody plan. In this situation, divorcing parents should contact an attorney in their area for legal guidance and assistance with all aspects of their divorce.