Divorce Involving Business Interests

Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Colorado Springs, Colorado Helping Families that Own Businesses

Attorney James L. English, P.C.

Divorce is an intensely emotional matter, but it's also a complex legal process that has enormous effects on your financial status, particularly for those who own businesses or are married to someone who owns a business.

During my more than 20 years as a family law attorney, I've served not only as a compassionate counselor helping people facing the many emotions of divorce, but also as an aggressive, effective representative in negotiations or litigation to preserve my clients' share of marital property, including businesses. The first important step in ensuring equitable property division for business owners is arriving at a fair valuation of the business in question.

If you're a business owner facing divorce, or if you are divorcing a business owner, a fair assessment of the business can be essential to your financial future. Call me at 719-602-5662 for a confidential discussion of your concerns. You can also contact me online.

Proper Business Valuation is Critical

If you or your spouse own a business, it is likely that it will be considered marital property to be divided in divorce. A proper valuation of that property can affect other aspects of the divorce, including child support and spousal maintenance, as well as other aspects of property division.

An experienced family law attorney, I often work with certified public accountants and forensic accountants specializing in determining the values of businesses. I have substantial experience working with family business owners, as well as doctors, lawyers, architects, realtors and others seeking divorce.

In many cases, I'll be able to reach a fair settlement in negotiations or mediation with the other party. Negotiations and mediation are typically cost-effective means of dispute resolution that can also save time and emotional wear and tear on the parties involved. Often, one party buys the other party out, either over a period of time, in a lump sum distribution, or with a set-off of an asset of similar value. In some cases, where necessary and appropriate, I will protect your rights with vigorous representation in litigation.

I'm Attorney James L. English, P.C. Call me at 719-602-5662 or contact me online to schedule an appointment to begin the process of fair business valuation in your divorce.