Working for Successful Resolutions in Divorce

Experienced Divorce Lawyer Serving Colorado Springs,
El Paso County, and Surrounding Areas and Military Bases

I am Colorado Springs family law attorney James English. I began practicing family law in Colorado in 1983, and have focused my law practice on family law matters, particularly divorce, in El Paso County and Colorado Springs.

Why have I made family law my life's work? Because it is vitally important to my clients. The issues that are raised in divorce and the problems that must be resolved are at the core of your life and your children's lives. These issues form the basis of your financial future and your personal well-being. I take my responsibility to my clients seriously and strive to help them rebuild their lives with the financial resources they need, and to protect their relationships with their children.

To schedule an initial interview, contact my Colorado Springs law office through this Web site or by calling (719) 633-1191.

My clients have legal issues in divorce that range from simple to complex. I have helped clients with substantial assets and income, family-owned businesses, multiple properties, and military pensions. When more information is needed to ensure a proper division of complex marital property, I bring in expert resources to help us gain a correct valuation of assets.

Divorce presents some unique challenges for military families. In the area of property division, a military pension is very important to both the enlisted person and the spouse who has often sacrificed much throughout the marriage. Another complexity in military divorce is child custody and establishing the proper amount of child support. I work with many military families and understand how to handle military retirement benefits in divorce cases.

I invite you to contact my law office. I am sensitive to my clients' concerns about costs and offer an initial consultation at a reduced fee. I encourage my clients to participate in mediation, when possible, in order to save them time and court costs. It is one more aspect of watching out for my clients' best interests.