Property Division

An Attorney Devoted to Equitable Division of Property

Few things are as complicated in divorce as dividing property. For couples with a high net-worth, it can mean dividing multiple properties, businesses, stocks, pensions and even substantial debts. For couples of more modest means, equitable property division is no less important: a house, car, retirement benefits and much more can be at stake.

As a family law attorney for more than 20 years, I have substantial experience in successfully representing divorcing clients in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and surrounding communities, including our many area military bases.

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Colorado is a marital property state. Marital property includes all property acquired in the marriage except through gift or inheritance. Considerations of property appreciation of equity in property owned by a party before the marriage are also made in divorce cases.

Typically, other assets are subject to equitable division in divorce. These assets include the following:

  • Vacation homes
  • Military retirement: This asset important to military families is divisible between spouses in a military divorce. If 10 years of marriage are concurrent with 10 years of service, military authorities will divide the pension according to a time rule formula.
  • SBP (survivor benefit plan): A federal program for military members that provides survivor benefits.
  • Private pensions/retirement accounts: These are divisible regardless of whose name is on the account; a crucial piece of property for government and private employees.
  • Small businesses: For small business owners, this may require employing an expert to value the business and then creating a plan to divide the property equitably. For many divorcing couples, this will mean one party will buy out the other.

In most situations, you will get better, faster results at a lower cost if I negotiate a settlement of property division issues or settle the disputes in mediation. For some other clients, I can best preserve your interests in vigorous litigation.

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