Jul 22, 2013

Made me feel like I was his most important client

I had Mr English represent me in a long, drawn out custody action that took place over several years. We consistently won in the court room which speaks for itself. In the frequent hearings, I could easily tell how respected he was by the Judges and opposing attorneys. Mr English handled himself with confidence and integrity at all times. Outside of the court room, his detailed knowledge of the local judges and allied professionals such as Court Appointed Investigators was amazing in its scope. Mr English was always quick to respond when I contacted him, and always made me feel like I was his most important client. He always moved quickly and decisively to initiate or respond to any action, and communicated in all matters very effectively. I always felt his billing to be very fair. The only time I ever found a duplicate charge on a bill, it was resolved with no difficulty. My case ended up very well, and I know I have Mr James English to thank for it.

5.0 stars


Jul 21, 2013


Excellent support and communications. Diligent and very detail oriented. Very satisfied with the outcome.

5.0 stars


Aug 27, 2014

I was former military when I first hired Mr. English. I actually discussed my case with him from Afghanistan while deployed and began my divorce proceedings while overseas. I first met Mr. English while on R&R and felt comfortable with him immediately. I realized that I didn't like everything he had to say, but he was being honest and upfront with my situation. He kept me up-to-date with meetings as well as fees. He even allowed me to set up a direct deposit with him since I couldn't pay him all at once.

His Legal Assistant, Roberta, rocks! She speaks with you like you are one of her own and keeps you in the loop as well. I find that I have spent more time talking to her than with Mr. English just because I enjoy the conversation.

Let's be honest, divorce sucks, but it is not so bad when you know you have a lawyer that you can trust and doesn't make you look stupid.

5.0 stars


Jul 22, 2013

Highly Recommended

Mr. English helped us with a custody issue several times. He was knowledgeable and professional. He kept me calm during a very upsetting time and made me feel that we were in good hands each time we went through this process. I highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney for a child custody proceeding.

5.0 stars


Jul 30, 2013

I have recommended Mr. English to several friends and will continue to do so.

In August 2004, we met with Mr. English to discuss our options in regard to our grandson. Mr. English took notes as he listened to our lengthy story. He then explained what paperwork he would file with the court, the roll that other professionals would play and their cost and what his fees were. He always responded quickly to our questions and listened to our concerns. Unfortunately we didn't win our case.

In April 2006, we met with Mr. English to file a second time for custody of our grandson. Mr. English reminded us of the cost and recommended against a second try. However, we moved forward. Mr. English worked just as hard as before and this time we won.

5.0 stars


Jun 13, 2014

Trustworthy, knowledgeable Divorce Attorney with integrity.

After wasting my time with another lawyer who charged $175 for an Initial Consultation, during which she danced around my questions and jabbered through my entire hour interrupting me with her own personal stories, without giving me a modicum of pertinent information during the whole thing, (Lynn Landis-Brown, if I'm allowed to give her name), I was absolutely dejected because I felt like I could even "buy" an answer to a few preliminary questions even for $175!

Then I kept thinking about the yellow sticky note on my desk upon which I had jotted "James L. English" and I finally gave him a call. Although he also has a fee for the Initial Consultation), it was only $50 and it goes toward your first bill if you retain him. Anyway, he was SO much more helpful in answering the questions I needed answered regarding my Sworn Financial Statement and if I was "Filing" the right paperwork with the courthouse, etc.

He really seemed to be the expert on my particular situation, as far as my ex being retired military and having other retirement plans that I didn't even realize I was partially entitled to after a 20-year marriage, and we have two teenagers together, so there's the matter of child support. He answered enough of my questions in the Initial Consultation, I felt comfortable putting down a retainer with him.

Even though my divorce ended up costing me $10,000 in attorney's fees, I still think I came out ahead. I my ex hadn't been so bullheaded about not splitting everything 50/50, we could have both saved a ton of money using some kind of mediator. But because his attorney tried to talk him into going for 50/50 custody of the kids (which was NEVER going to happen), we both spent way more than we needed to. I know for a fact that his attorney fees came to two or three times the amount mine did, because he used Cordell and Cordell. They are much more expensive, far less efficient, and constantly sent me HUGE duplicate mailings that were totally irrelevant! I think my ex got screwed over. I have an entire box full of paperwork from them that is so stupid.

If I hadn't had Mr. English on my side, they could have really steamrollered over me. At least when I had to provide copies of documents, such as three years tax records, Mr. English's assistant, Roberta, said they had no problem at all with me making all sets of copies myself and dropping them off, rather than having them do it for 20 cents/pg. Believe me, even that can add up! She helped me save money where I could.

If I can say one more thing, Mr. English accepted my decision when I decided not to try to continue on a long battle for more Spousal Support. I still had friendship feelings for my ex and had no desire to spend more and more time and attorney fees (and possible end up fighting it out in court) to get more money from him when I knew he was pretty strapped as it is.

5.0 stars


Sep 27, 2014

Very helpful during difficult time

Jim was very helpful, knowledgeable during my divorce. I trusted him explicitly. He was able to avoid court appearances and minimized costs. He and his staff were great to work with. I highly recommend him.

5.0 stars


July 22, 2013

Mr. English took the time to make me feel like I was his most important client

Mr. English helped me to obtain custody of my young son. I went from a hopeless situation to where I had complete custody. He always made time to talk with me whenever I had a problem, and never failed to come through in the court room when we had a hearing. I can't say how much I appreciate all he did for me. He has a very personable manner and I felt completely at ease in all my dealings with him. Mr. English took the time to make me feel like I was his most important client.

5.0 stars


Aug 27, 2014

Gave me upfront and honest opinions and answers

My situation was 'not ordinary', but then again, who's is? I was Active Duty Army deployed to Afghanistan when I first spoke with and hired Mr. English. He heard my case and gave me upfront and honest opinions and answers. Some that I wanted to hear and some that I didn't. Either way, I retained his services and then finally met with him in person while home on R&R. He knew that I didn't have much time while on leave and hurried my case as much as he could. Everything was completed as expected.

5.0 stars